13 September 2016



Wanneroo MP calls on City of Wanneroo to get with the plan


Wanneroo MP Paul Miles has been campaigning over the past 8 years for the City of Wanneroo to improve its planning processes.


This has included numerous discussions with the City’s planning staff and local councillors, writing to both the Minister for Planning and the Minister for Local Government as well as brining the issue up on the floor of Parliament on numerous occasions.


“I believe that the City of Wanneroo has been using statutory process in order to stall, stifle and purposefully influence the decision making process for planning and development applications”, Mr Miles stated.


“There systems are highly outdated and do not reflect State Planning Policy which has resulted in massive delays to standard, everyday planning applications.  Many of which seem to be highly unnecessary delays that have been allowed to occur due to the massive failures within the City’s planning processes.


“My concerns have now been confirmed with the recent release of a highly critical and independent report, undertaken by the Property Council of Australia, which shows that the City of Wanneroo is the third worst ranked local council in the State in regards to its planning processes.


“The ratepayers of the City of Wanneroo deserve better, especially given that Wanneroo is such a rapidly growing council which has such a large number of developments currently being undertaken”.


“Subsequently I call on the City of Wanneroo to conduct a full and external audit into their planning systems and processes as a matter of urgency”, Mr Miles finished with.