12 July 2016



Wanneroo MP calls on City to move with the times


Wanneroo MP, Paul Miles recently wrote to the Mayor of the City of Wanneroo, Tracey Roberts, requesting that the City move with the times and adopt the practice of live streaming their council meetings over the internet.


“I believe that live streaming council meetings over the internet would give the City of Wanneroo an innovative edge that would improve both accessibility and transparency of the City’s decision-making process”, Mr Miles said.


“This would also bring the City of Wanneroo into line with numerous other local governments, including the City of Joondalup, City of Bunbury and the City of Greater Geraldton.


“Although I understand that there will be a cost associated with live streaming I strongly believe that the benefits to ratepayers will greatly outweigh any potential costs that are involved.


“Additionally there are solutions and technologies that could be used, such as Livestream or Telestream, which can stream the meetings very cheaply and with ease by using the internet via wired LAN or 4G as a delivery mechanism from an ordinary every day camcorder with an HDMI port”.


“I just hope that the City of Wanneroo can see the benefits of live streaming and adopt the practice ASAP”, Mr Miles finished with.