15 September 2016



East Wanneroo Primary School gets Independent School Status


Wanneroo MP Paul Miles is delighted that the East Wanneroo Primary School is one of 73 schools from throughout the State that has gained independent status for 2017.


“The barriers that used to prevent principals and staff from providing the very best teaching and learning environments for students are being stripped away” Mr Miles said.


Along with five brand new schools opening for the first time in WA next year, there will be 524 Independent Public Schools in 2017, with more than 83% of public school students.


In this intake, more than 100 school communities applied to join the initiative, and the standard was so high the initial cap of 50 schools was extended to 73.


“This is a great day for our local schools and now that East Wanneroo has gained this status it means that all of the schools within the Wanneroo electorate have independent status.


“I also look forward to hearing how community members will take a greater role in the operation of the school”, Mr Miles said.


School staff and council members will now be part of a comprehensive transition program next term to prepare them for Independent Public School status.


More information is available at: www.education.wa.edu.au.