18 November 2016



Wanneroo MP calls on City of Wanneroo to finish the job


Wanneroo MP, Paul Miles recently wrote to the Mayor of the City of Wanneroo, Tracey Roberts, requesting that the City finish the job and connect the last remaining 150m (approx.) section of Pinjar Road, so it connects with the newly realigned Flynn Drive.


“If this connection were to happen it would provide local residents with a new access to the Mitchell Freeway, once the extension is complete, Mr Miles said.


“Although I understand that there will be a cost associated with finishing Pinjar Road, I strongly believe that the benefits to local ratepayers will greatly outweigh any potential costs that are involved.


“I just hope that the City of Wanneroo can see the benefits of connecting these two roads as it will both alleviate local traffic, whilst at the same time reducing congestion on Wanneroo Road, which will benefit all surrounding residents and road users”, Mr Miles finished with.