5 January 2017



Wanneroo MP calls out WA Labor on wasting public money


Wanneroo MP, Paul Miles, says he is staggered that the WA Labor Party wants to waste $50million of tax payer money on building an overpass at the intersection Joondalup Dr and Wanneroo Rd when it is simply not needed.


“With the imminent opening of the Mitchell Freeway extension, coupled with the recently announced dual carriageway for Wanneroo Rd (from Joondalup Dr to Hester Ave), the realignment and extension of Flynn Dr so it connects to the Freeway (giving residents a third access point), and the current major works occurring at the intersection of Joondalup Dr and Wanneroo Rd, traffic throughout the area will already be reduced to the point where this overpass is simply not required”, Mr Miles said.


“Following all of the above works my next priority is to then realign Neaves Rd to Flynn Dr, which would give residents yet another alternative access point to the Freeway and would result in even more traffic being taken off of Joondalup Dr”.


Mr Miles believes that these are the type of measures that the WA Labor Party should be looking at, not just making grandiose commitments to projects that that firstly are not required and that secondly they know they will never be able to fund anyway.


“I also don’t think that local resident’s will appreciate staring at a great big concrete bridge from their backyards either, especially when one is simply not required”.


“This just goes to show how out-of-touch WA Labor is with the northern suburbs” Mr Miles finished with.